HNF Foods, that always catchs new most demanded products but never gives up the essentials, has been established in 2007.  For 10 years, our company continues to satisfy the customers by supplying great tasting, healthy and highest quality organic dried fruits with competitive prices.

Also, the lack of a minimum product limit gives an advantage to our valuable customers. Although our company is located in the UK, we have BRC certified production facilities in İzmir, city of Turkey. Thus, when high amounts are demanded, we despatch the containers from Turkey.

Our “good food for all” strategy  enrichs both our clients and us day by day. Also, having the organic fruits projects in abroad such as  in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan provide us to  possess more delicious organic fruits that grow in most fertile lands. The biggest reason for these projects is to increase the depth of the product line and deliver the desired product to the customer in the easiest and with highest quality.

HNF Foods continues to sell highest quality, great tasting 100% organic dried fruits with satisfactory service and competitive prices  to  many countries, especially in European Union.

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HNF Foods is a supplier of many companies in the world, primarily in the European Union, with its product line deepening and the satisfactory service and products it provides. Our aim is to supply with high quality, great tasting 100% organic dried fruits at affordable prices. Taking service quality into consideration, we aim to show a high degree of customer satisfaction in the global world and to win and win with reliable business ethics.


HNF Foods vision is to become the most preferred best quality organic dried fruits supplier with competitive prices in Europe by adding customer satisfaction.

We aim to increase the number of countries we work with and to work with at least 35 countries after 5 years.

It is our company goal to further expand our product range, to provide better product service to our loyal customers and to access more customers with these products


  • Customer Commitment
  • Quality
  • Collaboration
  • Responsibility
  • Trust
  • Integrity